Kathy Luu /Origins 

Years ago when I was a young actor and filmmaker wet behind the ears from both drama and film school, I visited a photographer friend who had not only just had a baby but also recently started doing portraits with his brand spanking new digital camera (this was when they were first invented). Now his baby was uber cute and I felt it would be a great idea to take a photo of baby and dad as surprise for mum when she came home. And that moment when he handed me the camera was like shaking hands with the person you're suppose to marry or will play an important part in your life - I felt a knowing, weight and energy surge in my hands - It was a Jedi moment! I instantly understood, felt and knew the camera. (Or at the least it was an interesting feeling of deep familiarity!)

Like most love stories, the rest wasn't history as I then worked in fashion, did taco wrapping, graphic designing, videographing and then finally in film/TV/commercial casting over the next few years with some of the best casting directors in Australia. And like true love, it eventually comes back to you because it was always there. So here I am blessed with the gift of photography, feeling like Jennifer Lawrence when she said that acting was something she understands, something she just knows. I am lucky that's what I feel when I shoot and work with people.

Thanks so much for taking time to visit my website and appreciate my work. I look forward to our fun and exhilarating times together when we shoot.

A few other things I love: All things visual – film making, cinematography, Art, beautiful spaces, beautiful books, the world at magic hour; All things poetical – poetry, language, Shakespeare, the world at magic hour. Gourmet and non- gourmet Pizzas. Ice cream. Jazz. Dogs faces. 

A few things I don’t like: Falling in love with sadness, forgetting to call Mum, traffic, mosquitos and war.